[Netkit.users] Creating a custom root_fs

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Gio 11 Ott 2007 22:43:57 CEST

Dear Saverio,

nice to hear that you made it.

The old kernel panics with the new filesystem possibly because of the lack
of support for thread local storage, which system libraries in the new
filesystem most likely attempt to enable.
Had you performed a test with --verbose and --con0=this, you probably would
get an error similar to this one:
cannot set up thread-local storage: set_thread_area failed when setting up
thread-local storage

Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!


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> > Feel free to come back if things still don't work.
> I fixed passing a Vanilla Kernel compiled in UML mode and fixing the
> /etc/fstab with the correct device for the root partition.
> For some reason the default Netkit Kernel was going to Kerned Panic
> immediately, while the kernel a compiled booted ok with my new
> root_fs.
> I'll write a complete guide of what I did during the night and I'll
> post in on the mailing list :)
> Thanks to all for the support :)
> Saverio Proto
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