[Netkit.users] TorLab: netkit lab with Tor anonymous routing

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Mar 6 Nov 2007 00:22:00 CET

Dear Csaba,

first of all, thank you very much for submitting this proposal.

In principle, we have no restriction against linking to an external page.
However, we usually prefer to provide users with a ready to use package that
is directly available on the Netkit web site.
Due to the required filesystem tweaks, I believe in this case we don't have
many alternatives than publishing the lab together with the filesystem,
unless you are willing to also provide a step-by-step procedure to install
the required tools on the standard Netkit filesystem ;-)
We will check whether this choice meets our space allocation policy.

As far as the documentation, I have seen you have prepared a wiki based
readme. Do you also have some other descriptions (e.g., slides) which could
be attached to the lab once published?


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> Hi,
> I've created a netkit lab to emulate a small private Tor 
> network ( http://www.torproject.org/ ). Currently it starts
> - 2 authoritative directory servers
> - 3 onion routers
> - one client
> - 1 nameserver
> - 1 probe (running tcpdump on the virtual net)
> Some features:
> - Tor version specific parameters
> - merged logs from all the nodes
> - dns relay to external nameserver
> - (relatively) easily customizable node count
> It is available from
> http://minerva.netgroup.uniroma2.it/discreet/wiki/TorLabProject
> I was also thinking of packaging it for the "Contributed 
> Labs" page, but it is quite large, since for convenience I 
> have made a modified filesystem (with Tor and connect installed).
> What is your preference for contributed labs? Hosting the 
> whole lab or linking to external sources?
> Best regards,
> Csaba
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