[Netkit.users] TorLab: netkit lab with Tor anonymous routing

Csaba Kiraly kiraly a dit.unitn.it
Lun 5 Nov 2007 12:12:00 CET


I've created a netkit lab to emulate a small private Tor network ( 
http://www.torproject.org/ ). Currently it starts
- 2 authoritative directory servers
- 3 onion routers
- one client
- 1 nameserver
- 1 probe (running tcpdump on the virtual net)

Some features:
- Tor version specific parameters
- merged logs from all the nodes
- dns relay to external nameserver
- (relatively) easily customizable node count

It is available from

I was also thinking of packaging it for the "Contributed Labs" page, but 
it is quite large, since for convenience I have made a modified 
filesystem (with Tor and connect installed).
What is your preference for contributed labs? Hosting the whole lab or 
linking to external sources?

Best regards,

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