[Netkit.users] Announcement: call for contributions (labs)

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Lun 25 Giu 2007 11:03:31 CEST

Dear Netkit users,

in order to further support the sharing of emulated experiences built up 
by using Netkit, we have opened a section in the Labs & Slides page 
which is meant to accommodate your contributions: 
The same page contains instructions about how to prepare and send your 
lab. Accepted labs will be published in the Contributed Labs page, so 
that other Netkit users can take advantage of them in setting up their 
own labs and, in turn, can give feedback about the contributed labs.

We (also) wait for your contributions!

At the same time, we have also prepared a list of Frequently Asked 
Questions, to propose solutions to some of the issues that are most 
commonly raised by people interested in emulating networks with Netkit.

The Netkit Team.

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