[Netkit.users] problem when simulating link/node down on Netkit

Xu Yao yaox06 a gmail.com
Mer 27 Giu 2007 22:29:19 CEST


I am currently using netkit to emulate a lab about MPLS and LDP. I have
compiled a new kernel, updated the filesystem, installed an
MPLS-and-LDP-enabled quagga and executed some basic scenarios.

Everything worked fine until I tried to simulate a link/node down event. I
used the command "ifconfig ethx down" and I noticed that the zebra
process on some of the machines died silently without leaving any log

I would like to know if anyone has encoutered similar behavior before and
what can be done to prevent that from happening. Also, is there a better way
to simulate such an event on Netkit?


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