[Netkit.users] VDE and netkit extensions

Marco Fiscato fiska a libero.it
Ven 15 Apr 2005 10:29:38 CEST

Hi Antontio,
i am glad that i found somebody else intrested in the same topic, two
minds are better than one!

>Some days ago I've spoken with Renzo Davoli (you know him!) about the
>possible interconnection of vde-based switch and virtual machines made
with  >Netkit.
Yes i know him, he's one of my teacher and if this thing about Netkit
works out i'll be doing my thesis with him.

>I've expercienced just some little bit situations that you can see at
>http://www.blogin.it/vm.htm, either with UML and Netkit (editing a line of
>the vsrtart script !).
I am having a look at that, i am very busy these days cause i have some
assigments due next week, but tonight i think i'll find some time to check
them out.

>In these days I'm tryng to resolve the problems due to same MAC-IP
>addresses of virtual machines on differenet virtual network guested on
>remote hosts:maybe running a small DHCP server on a vde-switch or maybe
>with some hack and new code.
Not sure of what is exacly your problem, but you talk about mac-addresses,
i have been in trouble with those suckers, cause qemu starts the vm with
the same mac-addr, but there is a command line option to change the
default one.
I fixed all my troubles with that.
It seems to me that all this net-kit thing spins around UML, i have been
using it last year in my OS unit, but right now i stick with qemu that
seems to be quite faster. What do you think?

>Let me now if you have any idea and tell me more about your experiences
>...if you want (all for us ?) in italian !
I am posting in english for two reasons, one is that this list is supposed
to in english language and the second one is that at the moment i am
living in Perth, WA and i am kind of used to it.

But, non c'e' nessuna ragione di parlarsi in una lingua straniera fra
conterranei, se vediamo che la cosa si allarga a qualche anglofono bene,
senno' possiamo tornare alla vecchia lingua italica :)



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