[Netkit.users] VDE and netkit extensions

Antonio Anselmi ansanto a interfree.it
Ven 15 Apr 2005 09:22:47 CEST

Hi Marco,
I'm also interested on VDE and Netkit (...and sure, UML). Some days ago I've
spoken with Renzo Davoli (you know him!) about the possible interconnection
of vde-based switch and virtual machines made with Netkit.
I've expercienced just some little bit situations that you can see at
http://www.blogin.it/vm.htm, either with UML and Netkit (editing a line of
the vsrtart script !).
In these days I'm tryng to resolve the problems due to same MAC-IP addresses
of virtual machines on differenet virtual network guested on remote hosts:
maybe running a small DHCP server on a vde-switch or maybe with some hack
and new code.
Let me now if you have any idea and tell me more about your experiences
...if you want (all for us ?) in italian !


Antonio Anselmi

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