[Netkit.users] "rm file" segfaults in UML

Xavier Brouckaert xbr a info.ucl.ac.be
Dom 24 Ott 2004 17:26:58 CEST

Woops! I just received some mails from the mailing-list written by
Massimo and others which point out the same problem.

I just tested with an ext3 fs and a 2.4.25 host kernel on another
machine and the same problem happens, so it is fs-independant and
host-kernel independant.

Sorry for the bugreport duplication.

Le dimanche 24 octobre 2004 à 16:03 +0200, Xavier Brouckaert a écrit :
> Hi,
> All labs can't work here because in the scripts, there is a line like
> "rm XXXXX.booting".  When this line is executed in the UML, the file is
> deleted and the UML crashes !
> A core file is created. If I "gdb rm -c core", the backtrace does not
> help and is very long (looks like an infinite recursive loop).
> I'm running netkit-1.4-1 on kernel-2.6.9 with skas patch.
> Is there an incompatibility between hostfs and reiserfs (my home dir is
> in reiserfs format) ?
> Any idea ? I'm becoming mad with this problem....
> Thanks,
Xavier Brouckaert <xbr a info.ucl.ac.be>
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