[Netkit.users] Notes on various labs

Jaap Keuter jaap.keuter a xs4all.nl
Lun 25 Ott 2004 14:00:44 CEST


With all this new netkit activity going on I would like to (re-)inform you
of the following.

First of all I like to thank the Netkit creators for this fine tool.
I've been working with the 1.3 verion for a while and it works like a

In the course of doing the labs though, I found some irregularities in
some of the files, which the users should be aware of.
Maybe these remarks can be added to the KNOWN_BUGS.txt file.

Here we go:

In the static routing lab (netkit-static-routing-01.pdf, on page 5 and
lab-static-routing.tgz) the configuration of router r2, interface eth1
states a broadcast address, which is also it's node address.
The correct broadcast address for this subnet is

In the arp lab (netkit-arp-02.pdf, page 5 and lab-arp.tgz) the same
problem is found.

In the rip lab (netkit-rip-02.pdf, page 33) an (old?) invalid style
of CLI command is presented. The proper sequence is to go into router
configuration first:
ripd# configure terminal
ripd(config)# router rip
ripd(config-router)# route

In the dns lab (netkit-dns-02.pdf, page 18) step 6 involves search for
DNS of nanoinside.net first, because of the cache flush on the server
restart done in step 5.
Step 6 also involves search for pluto.nanoinside.org.lugroma3.org
because the request failed and /etc/resolv.conf 2 nd line states:
search lugroma.org.
Also note that now AAAA and A6 records are also searched for.

That's all.

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