[Netkit.users] Making netkit communicate with honeyd

Deependra Singh Shekhawat deepsa at fedoraproject.org
Fri Jun 12 09:15:39 CEST 2009

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Hi all,

I have been using netkit for quite a few months now and its been a
amazing experience so far. I have simulated couple of good scenarios in
netkit with netkit installed in backtrack 3.

Now I am stuck with a situation where I would like to communicate with
honeyd which is running in backtrack 3. The scenario is something like this:

Backtrack 3 - Acts as host to both netkit as well as honeyd

honeyd - works on subnet
netkit - works on subnet

Backtrack 3 interfaces

tap0 -
eth0 -
lo   -

Now Backtrack 3 is able to ping any host which I had simulated in honeyd
via the lo interface because I did the following before starting honeyd

# route add -net netmask lo

Backtrack 3 can also communicate to netkit via tap0 which is in the same
network as netkit.

I would like backtrack 3 to act as the media for the communication
between honeyd and netkit. The situation I would like to have is this:

Honeyd simulates multiple routers which are connected in following way:

router 1 - (this is the entry router)
router 2 - connected to router 1
router 3 - connected to router 2
router 4 - connected to router 3
router 5 - connected to router 4
router 6 - connected to router 4

Now router 5 and router connects to the first machine in netkit that is

This makes 2 possible paths to the netkit VM ( via the
honeyd network. Now when I ping it should go through the
honeyd network first (kind of like honeyd , entry router, acting as my
default gateway) and then to the netkit VM,

this requires communication of netkit as well as honeyd which I was not
able to achieve, any ideas are welcome , please let me know how I can
simulate this kind of situation.

Many thanks in advance

Deependra Singh Shekhawat
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