[Netkit.users] Making netkit communicate with honeyd

Massimo Rimondini rimondin at dia.uniroma3.it
Fri Jun 12 10:44:29 CEST 2009

Dear Deependra,

I think I need some more clarification about the scenario.

> I would like backtrack 3 to act as the media for the communication
> between honeyd and netkit.

So, Backtrack should act as a router between the Netkit and honeyd networks.

> Honeyd simulates multiple routers which are connected in following way:
> router 1 - (this is the entry router)
> router 2 - connected to router 1
> router 3 - connected to router 2
> router 4 - connected to router 3
> router 5 - connected to router 4
> router 6 - connected to router 4

Ok. I don't know in detail how honeyd operates, but I see that all the
routers are on the same subnet (, and there are two things that
sound strange to me in such a setting: (1) routers usually "separate"
subnets and (2) to establish a chain of routers you need to equip each one
with at least two network interfaces. Now, this configuration may be
completely legal in honeyd, but I still miss the semantics.

> Now router 5 and router connects to the first machine in netkit that is

"and router ..."? You probably meant router 1.

> This makes 2 possible paths to the netkit VM ( via the
> honeyd network. Now when I ping it should go through the
> honeyd network first (kind of like honeyd , entry router, acting as my
> default gateway) and then to the netkit VM,

Where do you ping from? From inside the honeyd network?

Overall, the only thing that I can suggest at this stage is to check whether
there are enough static routes in your Backtrack host and in Netkit to
instruct them about where to send traffic directed to other subnets. Failing
ARP resolutions may also be a reason for the problems you are reporting.


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