[Netkit.users] update and isc_taskmgr_create errors

Julien Iguchi-Cartigny julien.cartigny at unilim.fr
Mon Nov 17 15:00:07 CET 2008


I've add a new package in my netkit-fs and I've now the following error:

> pc2:~# dig
> dig: isc_taskmgr_create: no available threads
> pc2:~# nslookup
> (null): isc_taskmgr_create: no available threads

Seems to be related to the new package (dnsmasq), but I dunno how to
correct this error. A message in the mailling-list in August 2005 but
seems related to tls support in kernel, not present in the release 4.0.

Note: i didn't update the whole fs, maybe it's why. But I can't be sure
the FS will continue to work, has anyone has tried a full update of the
nekit-fs ?

PS: by the way dnsmasq is a good candidate for the next netkit-fs. It's
a very simple DHCP / DNS server and permit to configure a simple local
network without the complicated bind or dhcpd.

Trouble-a-cat Limited
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