[Netkit.users] Announcement: major release

Massimo Rimondini rimondin at dia.uniroma3.it
Fri Jan 11 16:43:50 CET 2008

Hi Csaba,

thank you for the scripts. I don't know whether and when the underlying 
ideas will make to a public release, but they provide useful hints. Some 
comments follow inline.

> labstop.sh: again, useful to have a fast cleanup in case there are 
> lots of VMs, and you would anyway start it from scratch next time

Starting from scratch is equivalent to removing each virtual machine's 
cow file before using lstart again. This is already accomplished by 
lcrash: only log files are left around after crashing a lab (and, 
indeed, they are really harmless).

> wireshark.sh: I'm using this with a modified filesystem, with X client 
> installed and wireshark installed.

Tunneling over SSH a graphical wireshark session running inside a vm.... 
interesting solution :-)

> debug.sh: useful if you do kernel development. It can be improved to 
> search for the right process and attach automatically, if there is 
> interest.

We currently do not provide tools to aid kernel debugging. This is a 
rather different aspect which probably we will not explore in the 
immediate future.

> Best regards,
> Csaba


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