[Netkit.users] Announcement: major release

Csaba Kiraly kiraly at dit.unitn.it
Fri Jan 11 11:11:29 CET 2008

Dear Massimo,

First of all thanks for the excellent Netkit! I'm really glad that it 
has continuous support!

Second, I'm sending some small scripts I'm using extensively during my 
work. I hope some of them might be useful, maybe in a next release. I 
can imagine that you already have some of these in the distro, I just 
didn't find the right parameters.

labrestart.sh: simple, but very useful script if you are working with a 
lab with many VMs

labstop.sh: again, useful to have a fast cleanup in case there are lots 
of VMs, and you would anyway start it from scratch next time

wireshark.sh: I'm using this with a modified filesystem, with X client 
installed and wireshark installed.
I think I just had to do
    apt-get install xbase-clients wireshark
I know that there are other ways, e.g. tcpdump inside the VM and open it 
outside, maybe the packet stream can be exported as well, but this was 
the most convenient way I've found

debug.sh: useful if you do kernel development. It can be improved to 
search for the right process and attach automatically, if there is interest.

Best regards,

Massimo Rimondini wrote:
> Dear Netkit users,
> it's been a while since the last announcement on this list, and in the 
> meantime a major upgrade of Netkit, involving the core, the kernel, 
> and the filesystem, has been released.
> This mail summarizes the most relevant changes brought over the last 
> two months.
> The latest release features:
>     * support for MPLS routing
>     * a release of quagga supporting SNMP; a common shell (vtysh) to
>       access all the routing daemons at once
>     * a release of the XORP routing platform
>     * full compatibility with the default Ubuntu shell (dash)
>     * a completely rebuilt and optimized filesystem image
>     * upgraded uml tools (virtual hub, etc.)
>     * ability to launch virtual machines without a primary console
>       (useful, e.g., if they host some shell server)
>     * ability to configure tap interfaces also in the lab.conf
> Regards,
> The Netkit Team.
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