[Netkit.users] Tap in different domain

Paolo Gambale gambale a tid.es
Mer 31 Ott 2007 12:43:34 CET

I will try to do in that way.
Anyway I'm still interest in add the possibility to connect different 
virtual machine on different "tap" collision domain.
I'm actually working on the script_utils of NetKit trying to change it 
in a way that will enable us to have different tap collision domain 
attach to different bridge following the implementation reported in this 
paper : http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Advanced_Networking_Linux

Best Regards,

Paolo Gambale		            e-mail: gambale at tid.es
TELEFONICA I+D			    Network Core & Protocols
C/Emilio Vargas 6; 28043 Madrid; Spain

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