[Netkit.users] Tap in different domain

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Mar 30 Ott 2007 22:00:52 CET

Dear Paolo,

I guess this request is somehow related to your intention to stream VNC
traffic through a virtual network.

If this is your aim, I think there is an easier way to go. You could just
run the portion of this network that reqires a graphical interface on your
host and virtualize all the rest.
What I am proposing is the following:
1) Set up a single virtual machine to act as a gateway from/to your virtual
network. This is the only machine that will be configured with a tap
2) Install the following packages inside the virtual machine that will host
the VNC server (say vnc_host): vncserver, xfonts-base, xbase-clients. The
interesting part is that a VNC display is not attached to a physical
display, therefore your virtual machine needs no graphical output at all.
3) Run the vncserver on the appropriate virtual machine (vnc_host).
4) Add seasonable entries in the routing table of your host to gain the
ability to reach the internal portion of your virtual network.
5) Start a VNC client on your host and connect to the applicable virtual
machine (vnc_host).
6) Launch some dummy X client application on vnc_host (for example, xlogo).

I am testing this setting right now and it works.

I hope this answers all your questions, ranging from implementing a VNC
network to eliminating the need for multiple tap collision domains. If it
does not, let us know.


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> Hello,
> I have seen in man vstart that
> "There can be at most one ''tap'' collision domain for each user.
> Hence, if different virtual machines are configured for using 
> ''tap'' connected interfaces, they also are on the same 
> colli- sion domain. TAP-ADDRESS is mandatory, but is only 
> taken into account when a ''tap'' collision domain is first 
> used (i.e., this is the first interface the current user ever 
> connected to a ''tap'' collision domain). Otherwise, it 
> simply ignored.
> "
> Are there possibility to connect different virtual machine on 
> different "tap" collision domain?
> Thanks
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