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Sab 20 Gen 2007 19:48:45 CET

Dear Emanuele,

sure there is. Follow these steps (please read all the way down before 
putting into practice):

1) Start an Internet connected virtual machine with at least 64 MB of 
memory (128 are advised):
vstart vm --eth0=tap,, -M 128

2) Configure a DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf inside the virtual machine

3) Install the following packages inside the virtual machine (you may 
need to run "apt-get update" first):
(hope I haven't forgotten any)
The syntax is: apt-get install package-name [package-name...]

4) Download Zebra (or Quagga) by using wget

5) Follow the instructions in the INSTALL file inside the Zebra/Quagga 
package to compile and install it.
Be careful: depending on compile-time configuration settings (in 
particular, depending on the value of the --prefix option of the 
configure script), the binaries may be installed in a different 
directory from that in which Zebra currently resides. Therefore, you may 
come out with two coexisting routing softwares (the old Zebra and the 
new Zebra/Quagga), each with its own configuration files. This is not a 
problem at all, but you should be aware of which configuration files are 
in effect for which version of Zebra/Quagga before performing experiments.
Also notice that the "daemons" file cannot be used for recompiled 
versions of Zebra/Quagga (of course, unless you apply some trick). 
Therefore, you may have to start the daemons you require "by hand" 
(/sbin/bgpd -d, /sbin/zebra -d, etc.)

6) Gracefully halt the virtual machine by using the "halt" command.

If you want the changes to the filesystem to be permanent, so that all 
the newly started virtual machines have the recompiled version of 
Zebra/Quagga available, append the -W option to the vstart command at 
step 1). Consider that this also permanently populates the filesystem 
with the compiler and libraries once you halt this machine. To prevent 
this, you may want to uninstall the above packages (and others they 
depend on and that have been automatically installed) beforehand.


Emanuele Corso wrote:
> It seems that Zebra is compiled without SNMP support.
> Is there a simple and secure way in order to recompile Zebra?
> Emanuele Corso
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