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Mar 21 Nov 2006 10:51:38 CET

 mount netkit-fs-F2.2 /media/tmp -o loop,offset=16384 -t ext

You need an offset to skip the partition table. See 
http://wlug.org.nz/UserModeLinux at the end of the page for more 

Naturally the netkit fs is not an empty file! Is a disk image...... with 
the partition table included (fdisk netkit-fs-F2.2).


Bertolucci Nicola ha scritto:
> Hi,I installed Netkit 2.4 with filesystem F2.2 and kernel K2.2 (not 
> live cd),in my debian the kernel is 2.6.17.
> The testbed is ok,i can ping all virtual pc and the real host thanks 
> the tap...
> Now I try to install a traffic generator mounted the filesystem 
> first..the line command that i try is: mount -o loop /filesystem 
> directory    /another directory
> The error is :which type of filesystem is?
> I try ext2 ext3 and i take the same error.
> I search the filesystem type in netkit.org <http://netkit.org> and i 
> don't find it.
> Can you help me?
> (sorry for my English..)
> P.S. I talk with my friend about this and he told me that a netkit's 
> filesystem is an empty file...Is it true?
> Thanks
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