[Netkit.users] Filesystem

Bertolucci Nicola nicola.bertolucci a gmail.com
Mar 21 Nov 2006 10:08:59 CET

Hi,I installed Netkit 2.4 with filesystem F2.2 and kernel K2.2 (not live
cd),in my debian the kernel is 2.6.17.
The testbed is ok,i can ping all virtual pc and the real host thanks the
Now I try to install a traffic generator mounted the filesystem first..the
line command that i try is: mount -o loop /filesystem directory    /another
The error is :which type of filesystem is?
I try ext2 ext3 and i take the same error.
I search the filesystem type in netkit.org and i don't find it.
Can you help me?
(sorry for my English..)

P.S. I talk with my friend about this and he told me that a netkit's
filesystem is an empty file...Is it true?
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