[Netkit.users] Tunnel between TAP e eth0

Paolo Carpo paolomj a tiscali.it
Mer 26 Lug 2006 15:15:57 CEST

Hi all!

I would like to integrate honeyd + Netkit on the same pc.The topology would 
like this:

Real pc------------------> honeyd+netkit (another real pc)

I'd like to use the function of honeyd that permit to integrate in the 
honeynet real pc, that in my case will be the Netkit machines.
If I use the ip_forwarding i get it, but bypassing  honeyd and i get dup 
packets. If I don't set the forwarding, the ping request from the real pc to 
a netkit machine gets ok, but the repley doesn't find the correct route. Is 
it possible to create a "tunnel" between the nk_tap_root and the eth0?

I'm hoping the problem is quite clear!

	Paolo Carpo

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