[Netkit.users] new kernel modules installation

Sandro Doro sandro a dorogroup.com
Dom 18 Dic 2005 13:57:03 CET

> Hello , everyone.Is there any chance for netkit live cd in english and not 
> in Italian. 

The live cd is in Italian and in English. For example at boot prompt you
can hit:

  knoppix lang=en

The problem is in the virtual experiences downloadable from Netkit4TIC 


I would want to reorganize totaly my site but I have not time.
In these weeks I make an experience of integration of UML with QEMU:

  http://www.tic.fdns.net/tic/html/uml-dualSamba.html (in italian)


Sandro Doro
e-mail: sandro.doro AT istruzione.it
Linux registered user n. 5768

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