[Netkit.users] Work in progress: NetGUI

Pedro de las Heras Quirós pheras a gsyc.escet.urjc.es
Dom 18 Dic 2005 01:33:33 CET

Dear netkit users and developers:

We are developing NetGUI, a GUI programmed in Java that interacts  
with UML virtual machines through Netkit. Related work: netedit,  

The project began last october and it has been programmed by a  
student of mine, Santiago Carot Nemesio.

Current functionality of NetGUI:
	- Creation/deletion of pictures representing computers/routers/hubs/ 
	- Load/Save layouts (not in NetML now)
	- Booting/Shutdown of nodes' console windows
	- Automatic focus on a console window by double clicking on a  
computer/router picture
	- Zoom/Panning of layouts
Current version NetGUI-v0.3.6 can be considered as a prototype.  
Albeit its very limited functionality, we consider stability of code  
good enough: it is being used to teach a first course on computer  
networks to 3 groups of 40 students each without major problems.

We provide students a modified version of the Netkit FS with minor  
changes, although NetGUI can be used with the official version of  
Netkit2 currently available through www.netkit.org.

In case you are interested, consult the web site though which our  
students can get the code: http://mobiquo.dat.escet.urjc.es/netgui/

Documentation and everything else is in spanish and functionality is  
poor. So, please, consider this e-mail just as an announcement of  
work in progress.

Best regards,
Pedro de las Heras Quirós
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

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