[Netkit.users] nslookup

Fabio Ricci ribio a tiscali.it
Mar 23 Ago 2005 13:23:50 CEST

Sandro Doro wrote:

>  I am looking at the recent netkit beta release to upgrade my Netkit4TIC 
>You are speaking of host filesystem or guest filesystem ?
>In guest filesystem "netkit-fs-F2.0-Beta" there are both:
>vm # du -ch /lib/tls*
>2.0M    /lib/tls             # 1,986,262 bytes
>2.0M    /lib/tls-dont_use    # 2,022,541 bytes
>4.0M    total
>is this correct?
Hi Sandro,
i am speaking of guest filesystem, probably we forgot to delete the 
/lib/tls directory before releasing the filesystem.
the "tls-dont_use" is the same of "useless" that i describe in my 
previous email


>  Sandro Doro
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