[Netkit.users] Netkit 1.4-1 has been released

Massimo Rimondini maxonthenet a tiscali.it
Lun 18 Ott 2004 17:51:46 CEST

Dear Netkit users,

we inform you that a patch for the Netkit 1.4 release is now out.

The patch addresses the following issues, which are also documented in 
the CHANGES file:
  - fixes a bug in the vstart script which did not allow to
    start machines over existing file systems
  - makes the vlist and vcrash scripts a bit more distribution-compliant
  - slightly speeds-up the lcrash script
  - the vcrash script now looks for "surviving" processes after machines
    are crashed, and attempts to kill them

Users who already have downloaded the Netkit 1.4 distribution are 
encouraged to download and apply the patch from 
http://www.netkit.org/software/netkit-1.4-1.patch .
New users can download the Netkit 1.4-1 distribution, which has already 
been patched.

Best regards,
The Netkit Team.

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