[Netkit.users] Netkit 1.4-1 has been released

DD linuxfox a telenet.be
Mar 19 Ott 2004 09:22:07 CEST

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Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 5:51 PM
Subject: [Netkit.users] Netkit 1.4-1 has been released

> Dear Netkit users,
> we inform you that a patch for the Netkit 1.4 release is now out.
> The patch addresses the following issues, which are also documented in 
> the CHANGES file:
>   - fixes a bug in the vstart script which did not allow to
>     start machines over existing file systems
>   - makes the vlist and vcrash scripts a bit more distribution-compliant
>   - slightly speeds-up the lcrash script
>   - the vcrash script now looks for "surviving" processes after machines
>     are crashed, and attempts to kill them
> Users who already have downloaded the Netkit 1.4 distribution are 
> encouraged to download and apply the patch from 
> http://www.netkit.org/software/netkit-1.4-1.patch .
> New users can download the Netkit 1.4-1 distribution, which has already 
> been patched.
Can anyone explain me how to patch the kernel?

Tanx a lot

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