[Netkit.users] netkit-ng: which packages do you need ?

Julien Iguchi-Cartigny julien.iguchi-cartigny at lifl.fr
Wed Mar 26 10:19:33 CET 2014


I'm starting the second release of netkit-ng and I wonder which package
do you want to be included in netkit-ng.

The list of packages is here:


Which package do you want (or not) included, especially in regards of:
- ipv6
- security tools (offensive ?)
- routing (xorp is not add at the present time)
- others ?

Few remarks:
- ike-server can be installed only from one of these two packages:
openswan and racoon. Any recommandations about choosing the "right"
ipsec implementation ?
- there is few bugs with some packages (at the bottom of the file), any
suggestions ?

You can reply to this mail or fill the bug entry:




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