[Netkit.users] Netkit and OpenFlow/OVS

Massimo Rimondini rimondin at dia.uniroma3.it
Sun Aug 17 15:03:32 CEST 2014

Dear Andreas,

thank you very much for your interest in Netkit and in this matter.
At present, Netkit does not include components to experiment with OpenFlow like, e.g., switches (Open vSwitch, CPqD, etc.) or controllers (POX, Ryu, etc.).
This is something we are interested in considering but, for the moment, the best option is to use Mininet [2] or interact directly with OpenFlow-capable software components using tools like ovs-ofctl or dpctl.

In case you are interested, we are maintaining some OpenFlow-related documentation that can help in carrying on experiments with Software Defined Networks. You can find it here: http://tocai.dia.uniroma3.it/compunet-wiki/index.php/Category:Software_Defined_Networks

Best regards,

[2] http://mininet.org/

Il 12/08/2014 17.04, Andreas Voellmy ha scritto:
> Hello, 
> Does Netkit now include a kernel or user-space OVS [1]? If so, it would allow users to easily create labs to experiment with OpenFlow switches and network controllers.
> [1] http://openvswitch.org
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