[Netkit.users] Issues with latest kernel : too old for filesystem's packages updates

Julien Iguchi-Cartigny julien.iguchi-cartigny at lifl.fr
Fri Jun 14 14:09:47 CEST 2013



>> As such I'd like to ask the following questions :
>>  - Are there any plans to update the provided kernel, or do anyone
>> know where I can find a third-party one ?
> We would like to provide updates (and likely will), but have been
> running a bit short on development power lately.
> However, a very active contributor who has faced similar shortcomings to
> those you are reporting has already introduced many fixes and updates,
> most notably to the kernel and filesystem build systems. In case you
> need it, you may therefore consider rebuilding the kernel using his
> tools, available here: https://github.com/kartoch.

Indeed, there is a netkit-uml-kernel fork with latest debian release, I
need some feedback about it. I will provide binary version soon...

It is made to works with my fork of netkit-uml-filesystem, based also on
debian 7.


>>  - If yes, to what extent could features be lost by the removal of
>> those patches ? Will just any UML kernel run ?
> Most notably, support for MPLS forwarding is dropped with a vanilla UML
> kernel. Some other basic functionalities like deterministic generation
> of MAC addresses for network interfaces and graceful virtual machine
> shutdown may also be lost.

Please look at my fork, I've succeed to keep them (except MPLS support).

>>  - Last but not least, while only Debian is officially supported, is
>> building a new filesystem from scratch from a different distro likely
>> to succeed ?
> It might succeeed, but would likely be much more complex due to the lack
> of appropriate tools for bootstrapping the distribution. Not to mention
> that many of the tweaks applied in the filesystem image of Netkit are
> Debian-specific.

Yes, that the big problem.

Don't hesitate to fork and propose improvements.

>> Thanks in advance ;)
> You're welcome.
> Regards,
> Massimo
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