[Netkit.users] netkit - aggiungere file alle macchine virtuali

Massimo Rimondini rimondin at dia.uniroma3.it
Mon Nov 26 23:04:34 CET 2012


there is a built-in behavior of Netkit which is probably not-so-well
documented: if you stop a lab using lhalt, then add/change files that
are supposed to be copied inside virtual machines, then start the lab
again, the new files are *not* made available inside virtual machines.

This happens because virtual machines fetch these files only upon first
boot. Since using lhalt to stop the lab preserves .disk files, upon
subsequent lab startups virtual machines "know" that they have been
booted at least once, and do not fetch their own configuration files. To
work this around, you can use lclean to get rid of .disk files before
restarting the lab, or just lcrash (advised) which automatically removes
.disk files and adds the advantage of a faster shutdown.


Il 26/11/12 17:16, Claudio Pisanu ha scritto:
> The problem was just that. I typed lclean while lab was running and
> when I typed lhalt .disk files were recreated, and then on the next
> restart couldn't take the files.
> Thank you!
> Il 26/11/2012 16.27, Nunzio Brugaletta ha scritto:
>> On 11/26/2012 12:04 PM, Claudio Pisanu wrote:
>>> Salve, ho riscontrato adesso un problema con netkit,
>>> mi sono accorto che aggiungendo dei file all'interno delle cartelle
>>> delle rispettive macchine virtuali, non sempre poi vanno a finire a
>>> destinazione. (ho usato il comando lclean, potrebbe dipendere da
>>> quello?)
>> I have tried, in my students experiences, to put files in vm's
>> directory, for example resolv.conf in /etc. If /home/tux/lab is lab
>> directory and /home/tux/lab/pc1 is vm direcotry (pc1 is name of my
>> vm), I put /home/tux/lab/pc1/etc/resolv.conf. The first (and only the
>> first time until pc1.disk do not exist, as in netkit documentation.
>> In other case you must delete pc1.disk before), the file goes in
>> right place.
>> In your case the file pc1.disk exist?
>> This is my cent
>> Regards
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