[Netkit.users] strange SNMP behavior

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Fri May 18 09:12:34 CEST 2012

I think it is because they are not PHY interface with a real rate.
They are UML virtual connector to the UML switch.
Speed of virtual links actually depends on the speed of your CPU.


Il giorno mercoledì 16 maggio 2012, Niklas ha scritto:

> Hi netkit community,
> Thanks for the great tool :). It has provided me with a lot of fun.
> Recently I am working on a small script which uses netkit in
> combination with net-snmp. Here I observed the following abnormal
> behavior:
> - The speed of a non-loopback network interface (ethX) is set to 0
> -- (OID: IfSpeed:<Interface ID>)
> - The metric part of entries of the routing table ("route -n") does
> not show up on a snmpwalk or a direct snmpget request.
> -- (OID: ipRouteMetric1:<IP of Destination>)
> As far as I understand these O-IDs are part of the standard knowledge
> base of SNMP. Hence I am pretty surprised they do not work as
> intended.
> So if you have any ideas or pointers on how to resolve these anomalies
> please let me know!
> Best,
> Niklas
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