[Netkit.users] strange SNMP behavior

Niklas metaswirl at gmail.com
Wed May 16 15:21:42 CEST 2012

Hi netkit community,

Thanks for the great tool :). It has provided me with a lot of fun.

Recently I am working on a small script which uses netkit in
combination with net-snmp. Here I observed the following abnormal
- The speed of a non-loopback network interface (ethX) is set to 0
-- (OID: IfSpeed:<Interface ID>)
- The metric part of entries of the routing table ("route -n") does
not show up on a snmpwalk or a direct snmpget request.
-- (OID: ipRouteMetric1:<IP of Destination>)

As far as I understand these O-IDs are part of the standard knowledge
base of SNMP. Hence I am pretty surprised they do not work as

So if you have any ideas or pointers on how to resolve these anomalies
please let me know!


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