[Netkit.users] Multiple TAP interfaces

Gareth Lapworth glapworth at dmu.ac.uk
Thu Sep 22 21:07:21 CEST 2011

Dear Massimo

> I guess an additional (maybe optional) parameter to the interface specification in vstart.
> Something like:
> vstart pc1 --eth0=tap,,,<guest_if_name>

My thoughts exactly.  I actually implemented this here in my test lab
last night after I sent the email, albeit with an extra option


therefore: tap,,,my_tap_0,yes
or: tap,,,my_tap_0,no

I've made this backwards compatible too by the use of an option in the
netkit.conf file.  Once I have thoroughly tested it, I'll submit a patch
and you are free to use it if you think it would be a useful feature in

Thanks for your help.


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