[Netkit.users] Announcement: good news for Netkit contributors and developers

Massimo Rimondini rimondin at dia.uniroma3.it
Thu May 19 20:02:09 CEST 2011

Dear Netkit users,

although we are still very committed to package high quality Netkit releases, we also believe that true collaboration between users with different backgrounds and requirements is key to the growth and timely development both of the community and of Netkit itself. Feedbacks collected over time indeed support and encourage this vision.

For this reason, we have somewhat improved resources that prospective contributors and developers can have at their disposal. In particular:

    * We have moved our development repository to the public platform Github that, by far, is one of the best environments for collaborative software development when there are lots of different parties involved.
      People interested in the latest development source code can thus pull it from the repository, whereas the most (but not so much) reckless guys can start actively developing on it, following a workflow that supports easy merging of the contributions upstream and yet allows wild coding safely outside of the main repository.
    * We have also moved bug reports, including the existing ones, to Github's issue tracking system. Besides the unquestionable advantage of letting us rely on a uniform platform, this choice also allows us to track requests that are different from bugs (e.g., feature requests), and we also deem it effective to support discussion in a much more comfortable manner for the end user than it could happen with Bugzilla.
    * We have improved the web site, in particular by adding a Contributors Area where interested people can find the procedure to prepare and send any kind of contribution they are willing to volunteer for.
    * We have scattered through the web site an easy-to-spot icon that allows users to immediately distinguish those areas and resources that are conceived to support preparing and sending your own material, regardless of how "large", "advanced", or "accurate" it is. You do not have to be an experienced C programmer to contribute relevant material to Netkit.

If you are willing, we suggest starting from the Contributors and Developers Area: http://wiki.netkit.org/index.php/Developers.

Happy contribution!
The Netkit Team

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