[Netkit.users] lstart message error

Silvio Lucas silviolucas at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 02:26:13 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

I use netkit since 2008 in my tests. I created a lab to my monograph
(in 2008/2009) about DNSSEC and it's was working ok .
Now I needed them to show the netkit for a friend and reinstall the
new netkit version (2.7). When I start my lab, the following error

eval: 7: master[0]=CD1: not found
eval: 8: master[mem]=32: not found
eval: 9: dotcom[0]=CD1: not found
eval: 10: dotcom[mem]=32: not found
eval: 11: recursive[0]=CD1: not found
eval: 12: recursive[mem]=32: not found
eval: 13: resolver[0]=CD1: not found
eval: 14: resolver[mem]=24: not found
eval: 15: rootserver[0]=CD1: not found
eval: 16: rootserver[mem]=32: not found
eval: 17: slave[0]=CD1: not found
eval: 18: slave[mem]=32: not found

master, dotcom, recursive, resolver, rootserver and slaves are lab
machines. There's only one collision domain (CD1). After this error,
the lab start normally. What could be this error?

Thanks a lot,

Silvio Lucas
silviolucas at gmail.com

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