[Netkit.users] netkit inside a fedora Linux Vserver

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) zioproto at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 17:15:33 CET 2010

> occurs, you may want to run vstart again with --con0=none.

This is weird, if I use the --con0=none I get no errors at all, and I
can see the virtual machine is running with vlist. But how do I get a
terminal on the machine then ? (see full log at the end of the email)

A solution I found is to use tun/tap:
vstart pc4 --eth0=tap,, --con0=none --verbose
and attach with ssh to the virtual machine
(I did not try yet, but I can ping the machine, now I need to prepare
a netkit filesystem with ssh enabled)

also I had to modify the manage_tuntap script because there is some
iptables stuff I cannot do on PlanetLab

any better solution that use ssh and tap ?


[uniroma2_fairvpn a node1 /]$ vstart pc3 --eth0=0 --con0=none --verbose

============= Starting virtual machine "pc3" =============
   Kernel:     /home/uniroma2_fairvpn/netkit/kernel/netkit-kernel
   Modules:    /home/uniroma2_fairvpn/netkit/kernel/modules
   Memory:     32 MB
   Model fs:   /home/uniroma2_fairvpn/netkit/fs/netkit-fs
   Filesystem: //pc3.disk (new)
   Interfaces: eth0 @ 0
   Hostfs at:  /home/uniroma2_fairvpn

Running ==> /home/uniroma2_fairvpn/netkit/bin/uml_switch -hub -unix
</dev/null 2>&1
Running ==> /home/uniroma2_fairvpn/netkit/kernel/netkit-kernel
modules=/home/uniroma2_fairvpn/netkit/kernel/modules name=pc3
title=pc3 umid=pc3 mem=36M
ubd0=//pc3.disk,/home/uniroma2_fairvpn/netkit/fs/netkit-fs root=98:1
hosthome=/home/uniroma2_fairvpn con0=null con1=null SELINUX_INIT=0
[uniroma2_fairvpn a node1 /]$ vlist
USER             VHOST               PID       SIZE  INTERFACES
uniroma2_fairvpn  pc2               30435      38556  eth0 @
uniroma2_fairvpn  pc3               31149      38556  eth0 @

Total virtual machines:       2    (you),        2    (all users).
Total consumed memory:    77112 KB (you),    77112 KB (all users).
[uniroma2_fairvpn a node1 /]$

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