[Netkit.users] It is okay if I do a talk on Netkit ?

Massimo Rimondini rimondin at dia.uniroma3.it
Tue Apr 13 09:43:32 CEST 2010

Dear Saverio,

that would be great, to say the least! :-D

If you drop us a line with the title, we could add this talk to our list
published on the Netkit web site.


ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) wrote:
> Hello,
> in May I'm going to Camerino University at the following event as a speaker:
> http://www.camelug.it/index.php/securityunicamdates-2010.html
> It is a security event, however they always invite us from ninux.org
> to have a speech, because we usually hack wireless devices, even if
> our work does not focus strictly on security.
> this year, because they will talk on virtualization, xen, and stuff
> like that, I wanted to make a talk on Netkit, and its intergration
> with OpenWRT:
> http://wiki.ninux.org/OpenWRT-UML-Netkit
> Because I'm not an author of Netkit, I wanted to ask if it is okay to
> go and present the Netkit system, how it works deeply inside, and how
> to build the OpenWRT distro for it.
> Of couse I'll put the references to the original authors !
> Let me know ! I need to submit to the organizators the Title and
> Abstract of my talk quite soon :) Thanks !
> Saverio

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