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Adrian van Dongen adrianvandongen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 14:03:45 CET 2009

Dear Massimo,

Well so far so good. I tried the chroot method but that didn't work. The
upgrade assumes you are really running all service,etc and dies half way
because you cannot start of stop certain services (There where some more
complications but i have no clue what exactly went wrong).

So I booted a vm als mentioned in the FAQ and ran the upgrade again.
Altought it fails the first time of you run it again the upgrade completes
nicely. Unfortunatly is does break the  netkit filesysem (probably because
of the new libc/glib library) It does boot but not without a significant
amount of errors. I added the bootlog of a session to this email, it
probably makes more sence to you then to me ;)

I made a backup as adviced so no harm done :)

If its something that i can fix myself please let me know, I will try and
upgrade again.  If I have some spare time I am going to try and  build my
own filesystem (following the README ofcourse) but based on the new debian
stable (lenny). Hopefully this gives me some insight on the inner works of
netkit so I can go and try to debug the errors that popup after the upgrade.



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Dear Adrian,

upgrading with apt-get upgrade is possible and, in principle, not so
dangerous. What you will likely lose is the customization of boot time
services of virtual machines, while most of the other features should be
preserved by the Debian package manager. For example, some files from Debian
packages have been explicitly "diverted" to accommodate their MPLS-enabled
counterparts compiled from source code, and the diversion should be kept
during the upgrade.

Should some Netkit scripts be lost in the procedure, you can always get them
back from the fs-build/netkit-tweaks/filesystem-tweaks directory of the
Netkit filesystem package.

Of course, a backup is always advisable. :-)


2009/3/4 Adrian van Dongen <adrianvandongen at gmail.com>

> Fellow Netkit users,
> I was wondering about the update/upgrade procedure of the netkit file
> system. Ik have read the FAQ about this (
> http://wiki.netkit.org/index.php/FAQ#Frequently_Asked_Questions ) and the
> README in de fs dir but it mainly talks about installingen/update a single
> package but not about an distro wide upgrade.
> To my knowlegde you would normally run *apt-get update* to retrieve the
> latest list of packages and then run *apt-get upgrade* to upgrade all
> packages to the latest versions. In my case I want to update the entire
> filestystem (distro) to the latests version. So I follow the procedure for
> updating (mount en chroot into the directory, etc) and then run *apt-get
> upgrade* and it informs me that there are 180 (a small 150MB) upgrades
> ready to install.
> Just before i pressed Y I considered that this could possibly break my
> netkit install. So my question to you is can I upgrade the filesystem like
> this without having serious concequences ?
> Regards,
> Adrian.
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