[Netkit.users] Upgrade filesystem

Adrian van Dongen adrianvandongen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 11:34:44 CET 2009

Fellow Netkit users,

I was wondering about the update/upgrade procedure of the netkit file
system. Ik have read the FAQ about this (
http://wiki.netkit.org/index.php/FAQ#Frequently_Asked_Questions ) and the
README in de fs dir but it mainly talks about installingen/update a single
package but not about an distro wide upgrade.

To my knowlegde you would normally run *apt-get update* to retrieve the
latest list of packages and then run *apt-get upgrade* to upgrade all
packages to the latest versions. In my case I want to update the entire
filestystem (distro) to the latests version. So I follow the procedure for
updating (mount en chroot into the directory, etc) and then run *apt-get
upgrade* and it informs me that there are 180 (a small 150MB) upgrades ready
to install.

Just before i pressed Y I considered that this could possibly break my
netkit install. So my question to you is can I upgrade the filesystem like
this without having serious concequences ?


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