[Netkit.users] netkit and dynamips/dynagen/gns3

Cedric Foll cedric.foll at laposte.net
Mon Sep 1 16:36:09 CEST 2008


i'm trying to use netkit machines with cisco routers emulated with
dynamips/dynagen/gns3 (cf http://www.gns3.net/).
The only way i found is using clouds on gns3 (it connect a router with
a tap interface, let's say tap0), then I connect a netkit machine with
an other tap (nk_tap_cedric).
Finaly i bridge tap0, nk_tap_cedric and remove iptables rules added by netkit.

I have a netkit machine connected to a virtual cisco router by bridge
br0 on my host:
R0 <->tap0<->br0<->nk_tap_cedric

If i want to connect an other netkit to an other router or interface
of my router i have to create an other use account on my host (let's
cedric2) and run netkit on this user account will create a new tap
interface nk_tap_cedric2. Finaly i bridge tap1 and nk_tap_cedric2 and
so on.

So it works and permit to create very interesting labs but that's not easy.

Is it possible to modify netkit in order to choose a new tap interface
for each UML machine in next release?
Even better, Dynamips/dynagen may be directly integrated into netkit?


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