[Netkit.users] Problem creating tap

Carlos García Argos e.intersection1 at tid.es
Tue Nov 18 12:36:54 CET 2008

Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately, I was not aware that my Netkit release had been modified 
to support multiple bridges to the VMs and that syntax was incorrect. As 
these modifications are not working, I am now using the latest Netkit 
release without them (as they don't work with the latest release either) 
and the tap is created correctly.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Best regards,


Massimo Rimondini escribió:
> Dear Carlos,
> your Netkit release seems outdated.
> In particular, improvements in the compatibility with Ubuntu based
> distributions have been introduced in the meantime, and may likely solve
> your problem.
> Unless you have a valid reason for sticking with those releases, I
> strongly suggest you upgrade your installation. Please feel free to come
> back if you still experience the problem after doing so.
> Regards,
> Massimo Rimondini.

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