[Netkit.users] Problem creating tap

Carlos García Argos e.intersection1 at tid.es
Fri Nov 14 09:56:55 CET 2008

Hello all,

I've searched for this error in several places but no luck.

I am trying to set up a virtual machine connected to a LAN out of the
computer running Netkit. I've followed the instructions in the FAQ and
either no tap is established or I get the error I include below.

Some things I've tried:

- Using eth0 for the tap (in the error below it's eth2, but it's the
same in both cases)
- Creating interfaces with the IP addresses in the host and the guest,
in the host but not the guest, the other way around and none of them.
- Using lab.conf and command 'vstart vm ...' below. With lab.conf, the
line that lstart uses is something like 'vstart vm
--eth2=tap10100101010002', that is, no commas nor dots.

Maybe I'm just missing something here. My Netkit version is as follows:

netkit at intersection-netkit:~$ /opt/netkit2/bin/vstart --version
vstart version 2.3
Netkit version:            2.4
Netkit kernel version:     K2.3 (
Netkit filesystem version: F3.0a
Host kernel version:       2.6.24-16-generic

Also, my system information is:
netkit at intersection-netkit:~$ uname -a
Linux intersection-netkit 2.6.24-16-generic #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 13:23:42
UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux

It's a recently installed Kubuntu 8.04.

root at intersection-netkit:~/netkit-labs/even-simpler-bgp# vstart router1

============= Starting virtual machine "router1" =============
  Kernel:     /opt/netkit2/kernel/netkit-kernel
  Modules:    /opt/netkit2/kernel/modules
  Memory:     8 MB
  Model fs:   /opt/netkit2/fs/netkit-fs
  Filesystem: /home/netkit/netkit-labs/even-simpler-bgp/router1.disk
vstart: In command line "/opt/netkit2/bin/vstart router1
Invalid tap collision domain specification:
Use /opt/netkit2/bin/vstart --help to get help.


Hope someone can help :)

Best regards,

Carlos García Argos

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