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Massimo Rimondini rimondin at dia.uniroma3.it
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Dear Lalit,

the steps to connect two virtual machines vm1 and vm2 using ssh are as
1) Prepare your Netkit lab and configure the network topology in such a way
that vm1 can reach vm2 and vice versa. You can do it by simply placing vm1
and vm2 on the same collision domain and by assigning them IP addresses on
the same subnet.
2) Place the following line at the end of vm1.startup:
/etc/init.d/ssh start
3) Enter the lab directory and start a third, independent, virtual machine
(say vm3), using the option '-l $PWD'.
4) Inside vm3, type 'passwd' and enter a new password for the root account.
5) Inside vm3, type the following commands:
mkdir -p /hostlab/vm1/etc
cp /etc/shadow /hostlab/vm1/etc
6) Crash virtual machine vm3. You will not need it in the following.
7) Start your lab normally. At this point, you should be able to ssh from
vm2 to vm1.

Apply the same steps with swapped vms in order to get connectivity the other

Steps 3 through 6 are only required once to set a password for the root
account. If you want to be able to connect without a password, you can
either enable the 'PermitEmptyPasswords' option inside the
/etc/ssh/sshd_config of the virtual machine hosting the ssh server (note
that you may need to add a line 'ssh' inside /etc/securetty of the same
machine to get things to work), or you can set up a public key.

Concerning your very first question (reaching a vm from the host without
using taps), I'm afraid I cannot help you. An alternative would be to use
serial lines, but they are unpractical to manage and use. Indeed, very
little can be done without a network interface or a direct access to the vm


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> Hi Charles,
>  can you please tell me the step for using ssh for connecting first vm to
> second vm.
> Regards
> lalit
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> Hello All,
> i want to connect two vm m/c created by vstart....by telnet is there any
> specfic way to connect by telent can yanyone provide the steps for that.
> Regards
> Lalit
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> You should use SSH.
> Charles Wyble
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