[Netkit.users] Re: Problem to install NETKIT

Massimo Rimondini rimondin at dia.uniroma3.it
Tue Feb 12 22:02:05 CET 2008


as far as I can see, you most probably have misplaced the package contents.
As explained at http://www.netkit.org/download/netkit/INSTALL, all the
three Netkit packages must be uncompressed in the same directory.
So, for example, in your case this would correspond to:
lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT# tar xjf netkit-2.6.tar.bz2
lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT# tar xjf netkit-filesystem-F4.0.tar.bz2
lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT# tar xjf netkit-kernel-K2.5.tar.bz2

After doing this, you are ready for checking the configuration:
lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT# cd netkit
lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT/netkit# ./check_configuration.sh


kouassi Yao roger frederic wrote:
> Dir sir,
> I'm a new netkit user, i'm trying to install netkit on
> Debian ETCH 4.0
> 1/ When i uncompresse the tree zip files i have
> following:
> lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT# ls
> netkit                         
> netkit-filesystem-F4.0.tar.bz2_FILES
> netkit-kernel-K2.5.tar.bz2_FILES
> 2/ Then
> lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT# export
> NETKIT_HOME=/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT/netkit
> lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT# export
> lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT# export
> lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT# gedit ~/.bashrc
> 3/ Then i run  ./check_configuration.sh but error i
> have following
> lynx:/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT/netkit#
> ./check_configuration.sh Netkit does not appear to be
> installed in "/home/kroger/Desktop/NETKIT/netkit".
> Please run this script from inside the directory
> Netkit is installed in.
> Please may  help me to install netkit.
> Thanks!!
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