[Netkit.users] Run VLC server and client into a virtual lan

Paolo Gambale gambale a tid.es
Lun 29 Ott 2007 09:45:01 CET

I would like to make a lab with 2 AS and running in the first one a VLC 
server and in the second one the VLC client where the  client will 
receive the video through  the network from the  VLC server located in 
the AS1.
Has someone done something like that before?
I show a schema of the lab that I would like to create.                                                         
 vlc         |                                                         

I hope that it is clear enough.

Another possibility that theorically could help to solve the problem to 
run VLC on the virtual machine maybe can be connect the host with a 
logic interface with the AS1 and with the AS2, run VLC client and server 
on the host machine and make the traffic goes into the virtual network.
Is it possible to do something like that?
Does anybody has any idea of how to do something like that?

Any advice will be appreciate.


Paolo Gambale		            e-mail: gambale at tid.es
TELEFONICA I+D			    Network Core & Protocols
C/Emilio Vargas 6; 28043 Madrid; Spain

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