[Netkit.users] Creating a custom root_fs

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Ven 19 Ott 2007 12:44:10 CEST

Dear Saverio,

> I'm writing some docs here:
> https://minerva.netgroup.uniroma2.it/discreet/wiki/GentooNetkit

Documentation is always welcome: thank you very much for the reference!

> If I make a symbolic link to the default netkit-fs the kernel does not
> find the /dev/ubda device I have set in the fstab !

Useless to say, such issues are usually related to missing or renamed 
device nodes in /dev. In turn, this might be caused, for example, by a 
changed configuration of udev.

> Also, I used a old kernel I had compiled months ago... now the kernel
> headers changed and I have some trouble compiling for the um arch.
> Is there a way to compile using the headers in /usr/src/linux/include
> and not with the headers from the host distribution ?

I suggest one, which does not require you to chroot. You may put some 
"-isystem" option in the CFLAGS while compiling the kernel. Quoting from 
the documentation of gcc:
"-isystem: Search dir for header files, after all directories specified 
by -I but before the standard system directories."

Therefore, a 'make all ARCH=um CFLAGS="-isystem /usr/src/linux/include"' 
should work.

> thanks for the hints :)

You're welcome :-)


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