[Netkit.users] Creating a custom root_fs

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Ven 19 Ott 2007 12:07:29 CEST

Dear Paolo,

this is Massimo Rimondini replying and I will try to explain why 
installing quagga is easy.

1) Start an Internet connected virtual machine:
vstart  vm --eth0=tap,, -M 256 --append=root=98:1 -W
(tap connects it to the Internet, M increases the memory amount - 
required for installing packages -, root=98:1 properly mounts the right 
partition in the disk image, W makes changes to the filesystem permanent)

2) Configure a nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf inside vm.

3) apt-get update inside the vm.

4) apt-get install quagga inside the vm.

5) Answer "yes" at any prompt.

6) halt inside the vm.

7) You're done!

This is what I meant by "easy": there's no need to change the kernel.
By the way, the very same procedure is also documented in 

I have assumed you are going to install quagga in the F3.0a filesystem 
image. Attempting to do the same in the F2.2 image might cause further 
Of course, things turn different if you need to recompile quagga from 
source. Please let us know if this is the case.


Paolo Gambale wrote:
> Actually all my trouble are started trying to put Quagga on Netkit.
> To do that i try to mount the filesystem and install the package on 
> that and when I was trying to open a virtual machine on Netkit the 
> shell disappear immediately after and if I check on vlist there are 
> not active vms. For this reason I tried also to create a new 
> filesystem and put Quagga in that one and I still have the same 
> problem. Then reading the mailing list I have seen that's probably a 
> problem related with the kernel of Netkit and for this reason I am 
> trying to do that. The strange thing that make me confuse it's that I 
> have found written in a paper by Massimo Rimondini that install Quagga 
> on Netkit it's easy (also if he doesn't explain why). Therefore what's 
> really important for me it's being able to install Quagga and this is 
> also the only reason why I'm trying to change the filesystem and the 
> Kernel.
> Any advice to fix my problem?
> Thanks

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