[Netkit.users] Problem with quagga

Paolo Gambale gambale a tid.es
Gio 18 Ott 2007 09:00:54 CEST


I'm trying to install Quagga on the Netkit's filesystem model. To do 
that I have mount the filesystem on my pc and I have use apt-get. After 
the installation, where i receive some error, when I try to use that 
filesystem Netkit doesn't open more the shell of the virtual machine. I 
have seen in some paper that's written that should be easy to install 
Quagga on Netkit so I would like to know if someone have done that and 
if there is a safer way than the one I used.

I use Netkit on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn, Netkit 2.4 with kernel 2.3 and 
I have tried with filesystem 2.2 and 3.


Paolo Gambale		            e-mail: gambale at tid.es
TELEFONICA I+D			    Network Core & Protocols
C/Emilio Vargas 6; 28043 Madrid; Spain

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