[Netkit.users] Creating a custom root_fs

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) zioproto a gmail.com
Mer 10 Ott 2007 14:36:08 CEST

Thanks for the help :)

I did several tries today, and I read with attention the man page.
I tried both partitioned and unpartitioned file-systems.
Concepts were familiar because I used to set up Xen virtual machines
and the steps are quite the same :)

Still, the xterm crashed as soon as it appears.

In the file system I created I just unpacked a gentoo stage3 compiled for 686.

Where is some log file to diagnostic the problem ?

the PC1.log prints out just 3 lines:
Checking for /proc/mm...not found
Checking PROT_EXEC mmap in /tmp...OK
tracing thread pid = 12976

thank you.

Saverio Proto.

PS has anyone ever created a gentoo based root_fs ?

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