[Netkit.users] UML kernel versions

Csaba Kiraly kiraly a dit.unitn.it
Mar 6 Nov 2007 09:55:30 CET

Dear all,

I have been experimenting with many UML kernel version in the last 
months, and I wanted to write a mail about the experiences, but I see 
now that a new netkit-kernel version (2.3) was coming out.
It seems to run on many configurations where I wasn't able to run 
netkit, so worth upgrading.
With the previous one I had problems:
- running it on stock Fedora Core 6
- running it after upgrading the filesystem with new glibc
and the new one resolves these.

I still put here some of the findings briefly.

These issues are mostly related to UML, but of course influence Netkit 
as well:
Netkit refused to run for many reasons. I've seen dependence on:
1, Host kernel version & config
2, Host filesystem
    - e.g. existance of /etc/tls
3, Guest kernel version
4, Guest filesystem
    - I think the problem was the glibc version. After an upgrade with 
apt-get, it wasn't starting with the old (2.6.11 based) kernel
5, Memory for VM
    - the default configured in Netkit seems to be too low in many 
cases! can it be changed?

One more issue that remains (at least for me) in the new kernel is that 
the kernel has IPv6 compiled in, which makes it quite difficult to turn 
it off. Do you know any good ways to turn it off? Would it be possible 
to have IPv6 as a module in the default kernel?


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