[Netkit.users] netkit2 on backtrack2final

Arjuna Scagnetto arjuna.scagnetto a gmail.com
Gio 31 Maggio 2007 12:50:53 CEST

i've made some better debugging and i get this error trying vstart pc1

Inconsistency detected by ld.so: rtld.c: 1192: dl_main: Assertion `(void *)
ph->p_vaddr == _rtld_local._dl_sysinfo_dso' failed!
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

EIP: 0073:[<400114af>] CPU: 0 Not tainted ESP: 007b:9ffffa90 EFLAGS:
    Not tainted
EAX: ffffffda EBX: 0000007f ECX: 9ffff820 EDX: 0000000a
ESI: 00000000 EDI: b7f8d034 EBP: 9ffffab4 DS: 007b ES: 007b
Call Trace:
a082bb5c:  [<a0049fbd>] notifier_call_chain+0x2d/0x50
a082bb6c:  [<a0118576>] bust_spinlocks+0x46/0x50
a082bb7c:  [<a0037a01>] panic+0x71/0x120
a082bb9c:  [<a003a8d3>] do_exit+0x1c3/0x370
a082bbbc:  [<a0079c78>] vfs_writev+0x58/0x70
a082bbec:  [<a003ab11>] do_group_exit+0x51/0x100
a082bc1c:  [<a001c1a7>] execute_syscall_tt+0xe7/0x130
a082bc8c:  [<a0017fb9>] record_syscall_start+0x59/0x70
a082bcac:  [<a001c23e>] syscall_handler_tt+0x4e/0x90
a082bccc:  [<a001d73d>] sig_handler_common_tt+0x8d/0x110
a082bcdc:  [<a001b66b>] new_thread_handler+0x15b/0x190
a082bce0:  [<a00111e0>] init+0x0/0x110
a082bd0c:  [<a002e011>] sig_handler+0x21/0x40
a082bd1c:  [<a01e3cb8>] __restore+0x0/0x8

any help welcome
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